Owl hat

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Last winter I needed urgently a hat for my daughter. I (and she) wanted a funny hat representing an animal but I could not find the right one in any shop. Then I find the fleece that was in colour of her coat and I decided to sew her the hat. I searched a bit on the internet and I have finally chosen that tutorial.

It is a hat representing an owl, an animal quite popular these days that my daughter likes a lot. The owl has the small ears, a double beak and of course the big big eyes. To work with fleece is so easy! It was a great fun. I would recommend that kind of fabric to all the beginners.

The tutorial is easy to follow, with plenty of pictures and you can also find a pattern there in several sizes (also for adults!). There is also a video tutorial, if you prefer that...

On the site www.fleecefun.com, there are in fact a plenty of interesting and easy tutorials. Maybe I will follow one of them to sew a scarf for me next time...


This time I made a super easy scarf for my daughter, in the same fleece as the owl hat. You can´t imagine anything easier then that! It took me max. 10 minutes, really. Just enough to measure and to decide how long it should be and to cut a strip of fleece and to cut the fringes at both edges. Voila, that´s it! Easy peasy. Without any sewing… I am really sorry I can´t show you any pictures as my daughter lost it the first time she put it to school… L

That´s why I made another one for her, which is (I hope) more difficult to lose. You can already see it on the pictures… However, for more information, see you next time J Stay tuned…

Have a nice sunny afternoon.



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