Blouse Dino

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My daughter loves the dinosaurs! It´s normal in her age and it is temporary. I am aware of it, of course, and I am trying to make the most of it as I find it really cute ;-)

Thank you, Florence for having found that nice fabric. My daughter likes this blouse and the fabric is really comfortable.

I have chosen the pattern from Burda magazine 9/2012 number 150; size 104 that I have modified a bit for my 5-year-old daughter.

I liked the pattern in general. The pattern was well explained and easy. However, if I decide to do it again, I will make the long sleeves as my princess prefers that.

At the sleeves I added the green rick rack trim to stress the cutting on the pattern that made the blouse an original piece. This was the only modification I made.

On the back there is a just one little button (as planned in the pattern).

That style of the blouse goes well with the slim trousers especially the white ones.

I could not resist to add some extra photos of my daughter ;-)

I cannot forget also to add some photos of the greatest model of the family. He asked me to make some pictures of him, too... that I made with pleasure, of course ;-)


My 3 y.o. is into dinos as well :) She might like a lovely dino top like yours :)
Well, my daughter really loves everything with the dinos, I´ve been searching for the fabric like this quite a long time and am really glad to have found it. Let me know if you do it, as well, OK?

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