Floral blouse

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When buying this fabric (at Ma petite mercerie), I planned to sew something for me this time, but I changed my mind in the end (as I really loves sewing for my princess!). It's much more fun to create something for somebody else, especially for someone who can shown you how much she appreciates everything her mum makes for her like my daughter can! :-D

I used the pattern Olivia from Madame Maman in size 4T which turned out to be a little bit too small. Despite the fact that I enlarged the pattern, it was still too tight. In the end I had to remove the rubber band from the sleeves because it bothered my princess. However, I love the pattern, it´s really well done with loads of pictures and the detailed instructions (I would even recommend it to all the beginners!!!).

It is buttoned up at the back:

... and when she is dancing, the blouse is dancing with her :-)

I like the outfit with the slim trousers. I know it is not very practical to dress a kid in white but I find it really chic... what do you think?

I still have some of that fabric left, what shall I do next? ;-)

Have a nice day, everybody!


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