Simple shift dress

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When I found this fabric in my cabinet, I thought immediately I wanted to sew a dress for my daughter and this time I´ve decided to make it on my own, from the very beginning! So I designed it, made a pattern, chose the matching fabric and decided about the embellishments. It was redesigned during the process of creation according to my mood, and also according to the taste and mood of my little model... However, I finally terminated my first own creation "by me"! It was a challenge but especially a great fun! And I am really glad to know I could do it :-)

Well, let me introduce my first original creation :-)
As soon as find a little time, I am planning to make a post with the little tutorial on how to make this dress.
It´s a classical shift dress ...
  ... buttoned up on the back.
I have drafted the pattern by copying one of the dresses in her wardrobe. I changed the pattern to be able to use two fabrics of different colours, to add the buttons and the pleats. In the end I combined three different fabrics of the same type - corduroy. There are 6 pleats on the front and 6 on the back.

At the button border I added a strip from a different fabric and I used a decorating stich.

As I found the two fabrics too contrasting, making the dress divided in two, I added two pockets with flaps made from the same contracting green fabric.

Voilà! My little princess :-)

Have a nice afternoon!


The dress is gorgeous! Love the details like pleats and pockets :) Decorating stitch adds a lovely touch :) A great dress for a gorgeous girl :)
Love the pockets on an angle and the flaps the same colour as the bodice. Have come across from Google+ Sewing For Children.
amy mayen said…
Adorable dress, and little girl!!!
Love this dress!!! !!
Thanks a lot, girls! That´s so nice to hear (read) your kind words! :-)

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