Chambray dress

Hi, this is another dress I made a veeeery long time ago. I have not published it until now for several reasons:

1/ I was not really satisfied with the dress

2/ I was not at all satisfied with the pictures

3/ I was still waiting for something (or someone) to push me to improve the dress (or at least to make some more and better photos!) or simply to finalize the post as it was and to publish it.

Well, I am finally publishing it because that SOMETHING really pushed me. As I wanted to repair the collar that was the weakest point of the whole dress, I realized that the dress was already too small for my daughter! What is the point to improve anything that would never be worn anyway?! In the end, I decided to finalize this post (with the pictures I already had) and to cut the dress and recycle it. And that´s what I did! You will find the result in one of my following posts... It is finished already, but my princess is on her holiday for the moment and as soon as she is back we are leaving for holiday, as well, so you can read about that some time at the end of August, I suppose.

Well, back to the dress.

As you guessed from the title, it is made of chambray, one of my favorite materials. It´s very easy to work with, very comfy, I love its structure, it looks good and is easy to combine with other colors and materials.

The original pattern is Tinny dress by Straight Grain. However, I largely modified it while keeping the same style. I had that fuchsia fabric in my stash that I absolutely wanted to use with that chambray fabric. Then I found the maxi buttons of the same color that I decided to use as well. They were too cute not to put them!

I made the Peter Pan collar and the tulip cuffs in fuchsia, and  I also made the piping that I used it the thing on the waist (which is purely decorative, just to find the place for the nice buttons in fact!). I think it gives the whole dress a feminine touch.

There´s a classical zipper on the back instead of the invisible one (I think it goes better with Chambray).

Thanks for reading that long post... and stay tuned to see the upcycling of this dress.

Good Sunday afternoon!



I totally understand the desire to get something perfect... but you know what? I actually really like this dress. Love the details, they make it very unique :) And of course I want to see the second like of this dress!
Thanks a lot, Jenya, it´s very kind. By the way, I know your blog very well and I found everything you made absolutely perfect, you certainly do not know what the failure is... You have all my admiration :-)
Angel Bee said…
Yes I agree with jenya. The details are cute. Colour combination is cool. And I love your design.Maybe the collar a little bit small for the neck cut? I saw some wrinkle there.but the piping is excellent right?
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I've seen your post on Google+ and I love this dress! And your daughter is so cute! :)

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