August blouse

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I wanted to make a blouse for my daughter. I have already had that nice fabric in my stock (from the New London collection by Marcus Brothers), I just needed to buy some extra solid fabric to add the ruche in a contrasting colour.

It has been the first time that I used a pattern from this Japanese sewing book that I bought this summer:

It is the model "N" from that book:

I have appreciated working with this book, the explications were really clear and detailed with plenty of pictures.

I like the result, what about you?

The model is very comfy, with three large buttons on the front. The ruche on the sleeves together with the large buttons makes the personal touch of that simple blouse.

I have also made a matching little bag. It allowed me to use all the rest of the fabric and to please my little princess that loves to have the well-matched accessories.
Well, we'll talk about it next time as I am already preparing a tutorial for you ;-)

Have a nice day and a nice new week!



Anonymous said…
Lovely blouse Zuzana :o) Well done.

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