Dinosaur - a soft toy

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A dinosaur, once again!

... because we really love them, we even have one at home :-D

This time, it is a toy in soft fleece :-)
A small gift for my daughter that did not take much time to sew.

I was looking for the tutorial via google and I have decided to follow this tutorial.
Here is the photo of the dinosaur that inspired me (I should say a stegosaur!):

The making of that toy is very easy and rapid. If you consider to sew one, I recommend you to follow the tutorial by The green dragonfly that uses a plenty of photos and is really well done. There is also a pattern ready to download.

I used fleece for the body of the dinosaur and felt for the small details. For the spikes I used more tough felt as they need to hold shape.

I know it´s very simple and has only two legs!!! but this is not so important. The most important for my daughter is the fact that:
1/ it IS a dinosaur
2/ it is very soft
3/ it is sewn by her mum!

My God, I love to sew for a person that appreciates everything I create for her... or even better - everything I do! :-) I hope it will last long... we´ll see ...
I would suggest to ask your kids to help you - also the very little ones can help to fill the animal before you finally fix the hole in it.
As my daughter always needs to have a couple of animals (because the baby needs his mum and the mother needs her baby :-)), I made another Google research and we have sewn a little baby dinosaur, this time in her favourite colour. I finally found the inspiration on the blog Monkey see, monkey do. You can find the tutorial and the pattern there. This is really a quick project that you can easily do with your kids.

My daughter has already found the place for her new friends in her bed. Good night, my sweetheart!


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