How to do an appliqué

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There are several kinds of appliqués and there are also several ways of doing each kind of it. This time I´ll show you a very simple way of doing an appliqué.

You may remember these appliqués - I used them to embellish this Dino dress.

To do this, I used the fusible web paper and the iron, and the zigzag stitch on my sewing machine.

1/ First of all, you have to choose the form of your applique. In this case, the choice was really evident: as the fabric was printed in hexagons, I just cut the hexagons to keep the same form. That´s why I did not need any pattern. Easy-peasy :-)
However, usually you need a pattern that you draw on a paper before cutting the fabric. If you are not very imaginative, don´t worry: Internet is a great source of inspiration...

2/ After having cut the forms (or the pattern pieces) from your fabric, cut the same forms in fusible (just a little bit smaller that in fabric - to be sure the fusible web will not exceed) and fix them on the wrong side of the fabric with the iron (average temperature; using no steam!).

3/ Peel off the fusible web paper from the forms, place them where you want them on your project, and iron them down.

4/ Sew the applique with the sewing machine using the zigzag stitch. The length and width of your stitches is completely up to your preferences.

You are finished!

Have a nice afternoon.


Sandy Campbell said…
Very nice! I already knew this, but thanks for sharing because a lot of people are unsure!
Thanks, Sandy, for your comment, it is encouraging :-)

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