Blue crochet hat and scarf

Vous pouvez bientôt lire ce message en français.

This is another hat that my mother made for her grand daughter. It's really cute, worthy to be published on my blog, don't you think so? ;-)
It's my little princess who had asked for it, in fact... She absolutely needed a nice blue hat to wear with her new coat :-) Well, she's a real little lady...

Thanks to the ribbon, we can easily modify the size of the hat.
The scarf is classical, with the fringes on the both edges.
The big decorative crochet flower is made from a different type of wool, Lurex wool, more full-sized and fluffy with a blue bead in the centre. Originally, there was one flower on the hat and another one on the scarf. I left just the one on the hat, and the other one I transformed into a broche that is being worn on the coat.

Have a nice afternoon!



Tra Mi Nguyen said…
What an adorable child!

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