Burda dress

Usually I use my blog to show you the projects I liked - I enjoyed making it and I appreciated the result. However, today I´ll show you the dress I made and I will probably never wear :-D Although I had fun sewing it, the pattern was very easy and the instructions very clear and although the dress is as it was supposed to be, I don´t like it. I have fallen in love with the model as soon as I saw it in the magazine and I am sure it could look good on someone else, but evidently it is not a model for me :-(

I prefer it with the thin belt...

The model comes from Burda magazine September 2013, pattern no. 108. I used cotton voile for the sleeves and the Chambray for the rest.

I am already thinking of transforming the dress... I will let you know if I ever realize one of my many ideas for the transformation, I just have to decide what I would really like to do with it and what would look good on me! Hard to decide :-D

I will appreciate your ideas!

Have a nice sunny afternoon!



Christy W said…
I think the sleeve color needs to be darker. just a suggestion. hope it works out for you, your dress is lovely!
Joy Candrian said…
Great dress, just needs some heels and a necklace! Have fun!!!
Denise Brant said…
Why don't you alter it to your likening ? It looks nice but I wouldn't wear it because of the sleeves and the front neckline. I can see it with the sleeves off and the shoulders made a little wider with the neckline lower and then you can wear it as a jumper. I was at a store the other day and I tried on a jumper like what I described, it was in the junior section, I loved it but it was just too short.
With all the work you did and the money you paid you should just alter it.
Other wise it looks like you did a very good job.

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