Sponge Bob

I don´t know why but my princess loves Sponge Bob. :-D
She appreciates everything where he is - from clothes to books, magazines, napkins etc. However, she did not ask me to buy or make anything. As I know she is not the kind of child who is often asking for something (the fact I appreciate a lot!), and I am aware of how much she likes Sponge Bob, I wanted to make her surprise. As her birthday was approaching, I was thinking more and more often what I should sew for her.
The most interesting thing on his body were his teeth that I left not sewn at three sides and his belt made from a black ribbon.

The tie is made of red cotton.

I found on Google and printed a picture of Bob that seemed to me a very typical one. I bought some fleece in several colours and sewed a soft toy. It could also be called a cushion...

It made my princess happy to have such a companion. I am really glad that I could keep it a secret until the very last moment. She did not attend it and was really pleased.

Happy 6th birthday, my sweetheart!!!

Good night to everyone and sweet dreams!



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