Blouse with the lace ribbons

This is the blouse I made of cotton I bought with quite a clear idea what to do with it. I like the colour and the design of the fabric and since the very first time I saw it, I´ve been imagining my little princess in a blouse decorated with some cotton lace.

I found the pattern I needed in April issue of Burda magazine. I modified it a bit.
My princess likes wearing it as it is very comfy. The pattern is very simple, nothing complicated, it was even not necessary to read the instructions.
There are 5 buttons on the back, the tiny ones in pastel rose.
As I know my princess does not like the length proposed in the magazine, I shortened them a little bit. To decorate them a little, I put the rest of the lace on them, between the bias and the end of both sleeves.

To sum up, I can say I like that pattern (I may use it again!) and my daughter likes the blouse, so we are both happy with it.

And I like the fabric, as well and as I still have some left, you will perhaps see it again in one of my next posts.

See you soon again!

Good night!



Angela Foster said…
This is could make her a little bag for toys or books, a headband, scrunchie, clothes for a doll to match hers.......
Thanks a lot, Angela. I visited your blog, very inspiring. Good luck in your sewing and in your life as well! :-)
A sweet little blouse and gorgeous fabric.
Joy Candrian said…
Really cute blouse, love the tiny print and the trim.
Catherine T said…
So cute. What a lucky little girl! I like your blog :)
Thank you, Catherine, I like your blog, as well :-) I just had a look ;-)
Thank you, thank you. :-)

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