Queen Elsa'dress (Frozen)

If you have a little girl at home, you are to know the film Frozen.
And if your daughter is as fond of that film as is my daughter, you have probably been already asked to purchase the dress of Elsa or Anna (or to sew it!).

Well, I have been asked to make a blue dress of the Snow Queen, as well. And here is my version of the dress:

The costume is made of three separate parts.
I bought my fabric at www.etissus.com.

First, I made a tee in elastic glitter tulle. It was really easy to work with it as the fabric does not fray so no need to neaten the edges. It is extremely stretch, so I could cut and sew it really thin. It is the fabric used to make the costumes for the dancers and the ice skaters, so you can imagine the comfyness... At the end of the sleeves, I cut it in a triangle (the idea of my little model and a fashion designer in one...).

The skirt is made of satin, just a basic skirt with an elastic waistband. I wanted it to be comfy and not too adult. Of course my daughter requested a skirt with a long slit like Elsa wore which I refused as I do not like the little girls dressed "too sexy".

The third part of the costume is the corset in a sequin fabric. It was also very stretch fabric. But not easy one to work with...! You need a lot of strength to cut it and lot of patience to sew it... In the end I just made one stitch on the back and a zigzag stitch all around as the sequins did not want to stop falling... Then I just cut a veil in tulle, gathered it a little and stitch it to the top of the corset on the back (and a little on both sides). For the veil I chose the tulle with the small silver stars on it.

We chose some Frozen accessories, as well...
I bought some small silver snowflakes that my daughter attached to the hairpins and to her veil using the glue. She wanted to do it herself and she did it :-)

I also bought her a snowflake pendant...

And here is the little Snow Queen in action:
"Let it go, let it go... "
"Liberée, délivrée... "

I would say that she really feels like a Snow queen, what do you think?

Have a nice afternoon and happy sewing!



Joy Candrian said…
Too too cute - I love her modeling skills.

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