Back to school blouse

I made this blouse just before my daughter started to go to the "big school" in September. She was so enthusiastic about it and I was so excited about my daughter becoming a "big girl" that I just needed to celebrate it somehow... well, why not by sewing something, right?
The pattern is homemade and the fabric is voile. There is a decorative detail on the front with 4 little buttons - 2 yellow and 2 violet ones.

Just look at that gorgeous fabric! Impossible to resist! Can you see the little scenes from school? Isn´t it sweet?

So, here is my little-big girl playing (what else than being at school!).

On the next picture you can see that the back is a bit longer than the front.
 I have to admit that the violet and yellow is one of my favourite colour combinations...

Have a nice weekend and happy sewing!



Patricia B said…
Nice blouse! Great job on the pattern!

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