My first order at Zipit on Etsy

I would like to share my experience with my very first order at Zipit shop on Etsy with you today.

I hesitated to order as they sell in large quantities, but the prices are so good and they offer such a huge variety of colors that I could not resist. I was contacted the day following my order because I made a mistake in the number of colors... (you are supposed to make your own choice of colors and every color has its identification number...). I replied and shortly after I received my parcel.

You can´t imagine how thrilled I was when I opened it and found these:

 They even added a zipper pull for free :-)


I needed to make some stock of the zippers and in Brussels it´s not always easy to find the zipper in the color you need. It´s really frustrating not to be able to finish your project because you can´t find the right zipper! Now, as I have a very positive experience with Zipit, I think I will order some more, I need some in different sizes, and some separating ones as well... The zippers are one of these things you can never have too much, right?

Have a nice and peaceful holidays!



Anonymous said…
I looked at Zipit and they are charging very high prices. They charge $8.00 for a 22" zip when they can be gotten for only 68¢. They are YKK zippers too

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