Taken with my new camera

Hello ladies!

I did not post much recently... sorry. I was quite busy.

One of the things that have been preoccupying me for several days already, is my new camera. I bought Nikon this time (I had Canon before). It´s D 5300, I know it´s no big deal, it´s just a basic one. However, for me, it´s the first reflex I have ever had. Secondly, I have the possibility to change the objectives, that I could not before. I already bought 3 objectives. I think I will have to slow down now... otherwise I will not be able to buy any new fabric... hihi

Well, I will stop speaking now and will show you some of the pictures I made these days.

This post gave me the opportunity to present you our dog, Cyssia (read Sisia). Isn´t she cute?

The following pictures of white tulips are without my logo... I find them so nice as they are that it would be a pity to damage them... Am I right?

A very nice weekend to everybody!



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