A girl´s dress made from a maternity tunic

Hello girls!

Today I will show you a dress I made for my daughter from my maternity tunic!
Here is how I proceeded:

1/  I compared it with another dress of my daughter (of a good size!) and cut into the tunic...
I used the hems on the button and the bias tape around the neck on the front part. I just cut off the sleeves and a bit of the upper part. I did not cut into the skirt. It had nice pleats that I decided to keep on the dress.
2/  I put some lace around the bias tape on the front of the dress.
3/  On the back I had to cut off the bias tape of course, so I made some new from the part of the sleeve I knew I would not use and put it around the neck on the back.
4/  Then I cut the sleeves shorter (I cut off the upper part as I wanted to use the cuffs). Sorry, I forgot to take the pictures here... The cuffs needed adjustment, as well, so I had to unsew them, cut a bit and put it in place again. I kept just one button out of four.
I used 2 buttons for the front part, as well - for a little bit of decoration :-)

Here you can see the pleats on the skirt.
This is everything that left!

 Have a nice evening and happy sewing!



Joy Candrian said…
Good refashion! I just posted about your blog - let me know what you think.

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