Liebster award for my blog!

Hello everybody!

Today, I am proud to announce you that my blog has been awarded!
By this post I would like to send a big thanks to Joy from xoxo Grandma who has chosen my blog for this award.

If you are asking what is Liebster award, just a brief explanation: the name comes from German meaning "beloved" or "dearest". The blogs receiving that award are the small blogs (with less then 200 followers) and are nominated by the other bloggers. The aim is to discover new bloggers and welcome them to the blogosphere.

All of the Joy´s nominees are supposed to answer her 11 questions. Well, let´s start...

1. Do you have a favorite thing to sew?

I sew a lot for me and for my daughter, I prefer sewing for her, I find it easier to sew for kids and also I can use more my imagination. Fortunately, My daughter really appreciates everything I make for her and is really proud to wear the home-made clothes. I also like sewing little things like small pouches or plush toys, I also love refashioning...
However, what I love the most about sewing is the possibility it gives me - the possibility to make anything (or almost anything) my daughter asks me, even the stuff that would be difficult to find in the stores. That´s why I love sewing the small gifts for my princess, or the costumes etc. that are perhaps not very practical but they make my little angel happy.

2. What got you into sewing, and what keeps you going with it?

I can say I was born into the sewing family. :-)
My grandfather was a tailor, and my mother and her sisters all sewed for their families, as well as for selling. When I was a child, almost everything I wore was homemade. My mom sewed a lot, she made all our clothes, from the swimsuits to coats. I remember her sitting in the corner of my parents' bedroom behind her sewing machine almost every evening...
However, she gave me an example, but it was not her who encouraged me the most. My real interest in sewing came with my child. When I was pregnant, I was planning to start sewing for the baby but never really did. The real drive that pushed me to start sewing came when I met Isabelle, my friend and amateur seamstress who talked about sewing with such an enthusiasm that I really wanted to give it a try.
To sum up: I started to sew thanks to my mom and my friend Isabelle who both encouraged and inspired me.
Now I continue because I am enormously supported by my husband and because I love to see that happiness and admiration in my daughter's eyes.

A huge thanks to all of you, guys!

3. Who do you sew for the most?

Here, my answer is clear: for my daughter, of course. She is the center of my universe!

4. What project has been your biggest splurge?

In general, I try to make the things that are not too expensive. However, when I decided to make the costume of princess Merida (Brave), I bought really expensive velvet and finally, the costume turned to be maybe more expensive than it would be if I bought it in Disney store!

5. As a blogger/seamstress what is something that you struggle with?

Time. I always struggle with time. The days are too short to be a good mom, step-mom, wife, full-time employee and to keep also some hobbies... And sewing is a time consuming hobby! And blogging is even worse :-)

Speaking about blogging, sometimes it's not easy to find the right moment to take the pictures, as I am often dependent on my daughter...
And to write the posts - as English is not my mother tongue, it takes a bit more time and energy to prepare each post.

6. What was the first thing you remember sewing?

I remember I sewed a summer dress when I was at high school. I dreamed of a nice summer dress that was not easy to find in the stores in the early 90's (just a few years after the fall of Communism). With my best friend Janka, we found a pattern and sewed along our dresses. We both managed to do it. I was wearing that dress for several years.

7. What is your guilty pleasure?

Spending money :-)
I spend too much... I love buying fabric! I simply cannot resist... I have too many shoes and handbags and other accessories, as well...

8. How did your blog get its name?

I was searching for something nice, cute and something that makes me dream... but I did not find anything that would be accurate and that would really approach me.

If I imagine my loveliest dreams, I am often flying high in the air, like a bird. Sometimes I even think that if I had already lived before, I had to be a bird. Flying is somehow a synonym of freedom for me. And the freedom of spirit, freedom of soul, freedom of though - this is what my blog represents to me.

9. Is sewing a hobby for you, or something more?

Just a hobby. It is very important for me to create something. I always liked that. But it is just a hobby.

10. What is the best book you read in the last year?

Among the boos I had opportunity to read in 2014, I liked the most the novel The Absolutist by John Boyne (the author of The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas). A great story, very emotive, the kind of book you will not be able to put down...

11. Where are you originally from and how did you get where you are now?

I come from Slovakia. At the time of my birth, it was still a part of communist Czechoslovakia. After I finished my studies, the frontiers have been open to the world and a lot of young people wanted to try to find a work abroad. I did not want to. I just wanted to stay in Slovakia, preferably in my native city, where my parents and my friends lived, where I knew every street, where all my memories were.

Nevertheless, I accepted the offer for a job in Brussels, for the Council of the European Union. It was just for 7 months, so it really seemed to be a nice adventure. I was single, without any children, so why not to try? Moreover, my best friend worked already there as well! After 7 months, when I was offered the prolongation, I did not say no. I liked Brussels, I already found some friends there, I had a cool life. So I stayed extra 2 years. Then I got married and followed my husband to Prague. As the marriage went wrong, I had to make an important choice - go back to Slovakia where I felt my home was or to Brussels where I had the advantage of the stable job... As I had the responsibility for my child, I had to decide reasonably, so I went back to Brussels. And I am still here. It´s been 11 years now that I started to live in Brussels. What seemed to be an adventure at the beginning, turned to be my destiny. :-)

I stayed here in Belgium and this country became my second home. Nowadays I live with an Belgian, my daughter speaks French better than Slovak, she goes to school here, she loves her Belgian brothers... I feel like putting down roots. I can´t say definitely where my home is, sometimes I feel like having two homes, sometimes, on the contrary, like having no home at all. I feel nostalgic about Slovakia, but I live in Belgium now and despite the fact that it is raining here 5 days a week, I like that country, I am starting to understand its culture, habits and nature of its people that is in some way very different from what I knew in my native country. I have to know I am grateful for the hospitality of this country and the support of all my friends here.

Now it's my turn to declare my nominees:

1.  SewAngelicThreats - a serious blog about sewing full of good tips... The blog is run by Angela who I really admire for her inner strength and willingness to pass her great sewing skills and vast experience to other sewers. Good luck, Angela a thanks a lot!

2.  Sewing Avenue - Sarah´s blog about sewing. Sarah is extremely enthusiast, she is also making and selling her own patterns for women. Worthy to make a tour on her blog.

3.  Dressed to a Tee - another sewing blog. Please, click on the link watch the sewing adventures of another enthusiast and talented seamstress.

4.  Smichkine - this is a blog I have been following for quite a long time and I love it. The blogger is the French lady and the blog is in French, but I recommend you to visit it even if you do not speak French, there are plenty of nice photos and her style is so fresh and chic... She sews for her and for her sweet little daughter.

5.  While she was sleeping - I simply could not omit Jenya´s blog. She is sews for her and for her lovely daughter and I love her creations. Well, she has already received this award... but Jenya, honestly, you can stay calm - I searched all the possible information on the Liebster award rules on the web and I found several sources where it is stipulated that one blog can receive this award several times if there are bloggers that choose it. Well, I have chosen your blog, I love it and you deserve to receive the award several times :-) that´s it! I hope you will not refuse me...

Congratulations to all the nominees! Bravo!

I would like to invite you now to answer my 11 questions and to present several other small blogs of your choice and to prepare the questions for them.

Well, here are the questions for my nominees:

1.  Who is the person you admire/who influences you the most?

2.  Where are you originally from and how did you get where you are now?

3.  What is your favourite book?

4.  What film would you recommend us?

5.  What are your other hobbies except sewing and blogging?

6.  How did you get to sewing?

7.  What do you like the most about sewing?

8. Who inspires you the most in your sewing?

9.  What project are you the most proud of?

10.  What do you like about blogging?

11. What is your highest aspiration/dream concerning sewing?

I hope my nominees will all accept their award and will follow the rules.

I think this award is a great opportunity to show the support among the co-bloggers/sewers. I love that feeling of cooperation and support among us that you can feel once you have entered in the blogosphere. I am happy I made the decision to start blogging, it gave me the opportunity to meet so many different people with one (or at least one) hobby in common.

Thanks again to xoxo Grandma and all my followers who encourage me to continue!!!

Have a nice evening and happy sewing!


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