Izzy top

I have recently found the Izzy top free pattern. It comes in a vast range of sizes. If you don´t know that pattern, you must absolutely check it! It´s so quick and easy to make and so so so sweet. I know already that this is not the last version I made!

The upper part of the top is lined.
The back is so cute with its slot, the button tab and the button!

Last weekend was the first sunny (almost summer!) weekend in Brussels. The sun has found Belgium in the end?!?! We enjoyed the sunshine in my daughter´s favourite park that was hosting the Tibetan culture festival. Well, the music, dancers, colours and a lot of pictures of Dalai Lama everywhere. My princess did some reading exercise and then she ran and ran... What a pleasure to be outside on a lovely day!

Have a nice summer time wherever you are!
And happy sewing!


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