Little Japanese dress

I finally finished this jumper dress! I made it quite a long time ago, I just had to sew the buttons... And it took me too much time to do the hand sewing... It´s not my favorite part of the job :-)

The pattern comes from this Japanese book. As always with the Japanese sewing books, the instructions are detailed, clear and precise. No problem to work with. And there are several cute patterns I plan to sew...
 This is the pattern I used. The style depends really on the fabric you choose.

And this is the same pattern in top version: 
The fabric is quite warm, it's supposed to be worn in spring, with a blouse or a tee.

The two buttons are purely decorative, as it is closed by two snap buttons on each side.
The armholes are finished by bias tape.
And of course the pockets! Very important detail for the kids, isn´t it?! These pockets are also very decorative. The skirt is finished by the band that makes the effect of the balloon skirt.
The back:

The design is so clear and pure... Do you like it?
Looking forward to reading your comments!

Have a nice relaxing summer weekend!


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