Mini me in pink

Today I will show you not one but two dresses! One for me, another one for my daughter.
They were made for the special occasion, for a very special family event.

I have decided in fact to do a dress for my sweetheart only and to choose for myself one of the dresses I already had at home. I bought several types of cotton for the dress for my daughter as I hesitated between blue & yellow or purple & white or red & white colour combinations. All that fabric was really very nice but I realized that I had nothing to wear myself that would go with! Well, at the last minute, I change my mind and I decided to sew two dresses for both of us.

I had a lot of this pink lace fabric. I knew I could easily make two dresses. For the inside dress, I used the satin in two different colours - in pink for me (the same shade as the lace) and in rose for my little girl. The lace has  nice border, so I left it visible on the bottom of the skirt and on the sleeves of the girl´s dress. My dress is sleeveless.
For my dress, I used a Burda pattern (September 2012 issue). I just omitted the sleeves. The pattern was quite unusual, with the uncommon darts.

There is a zipper on the back.
The dress is fully lined, of course, as the lace fabric is totally transparent.

Well, now to the girl´s dress. The pattern is homemade, it´s a simple A-line dress. The inner dress is a bit smaller - with no sleeves and no straps. The upper part of the inner dress finishes in V on the back and is straight on the front. 
It closes with just one rose button on the back. I made the button loop from the thin elastic.
There is the slot on the back.
I used the bias tape made from the inner fabric (the rose satin) to finish all the seams - neckline and the slot.
I put a flower on the chest. You can see another one in her hair.

Well, I have to add some photos taken outside to see the dresses in the real colour...
And of course, these are the pictures from the celebration I was talking about...

 Let me present you: our family... Ladies in pink, gents in blue :-)
Daddy and his princess...

Sorry for that ocean of pictures, I simply could NOT help myself!

Well, that´s all for today,

Thanks for having me and happy sewing!


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