Dress to top upcycling

Another summer dress that got too short. I loved that dress, with its square neckline, the lace on the sleeves and nice embroidery on the chest. Well, it´s too short but not too tight, what about transforming it into a little top?
If you would like to do the same, here´s how I proceeded:

1/ I left the upper part unchanged, I just shortened the lower part. (You have to decide how long you want the top to be and measure before cutting into it.)
2/ The piece I cut off, I divided horizontally into 4 equal parts. 
3/ Then I sewed two and two together to create 2 long strips to be used as the ruches.
4/ I finished the raw ends on one side of each strip. I did the same at the bottom of the top.
5/ I stitched one strip at the bottom of the top, the second one a bit upper.

I love the way it came out! 
My daughter wore it with the shorts this summer. 
I am really happy I managed to save that piece of clothing for one more seanson... or perhaps two... The kids are growing sooo fast. Don´t you think so?

Happy sewing!



Joy Candrian said…
A Perfect use for a dress that's too short!

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