Boho maxi dress

I prefer not to speak about how long I haven´t posted or even visited my blog! There were some changes in my life that were positive but still quite time-consuming...

However, here I am again with a new breath :-)
 And today, I am presenting you my daughter´s new dress, a long this time! I participated in a challenge on Facebook. The objective was to sew a long dress. Any kind of long dress. I made one for my daughter.
I let her chose the fabric. Well, I chose the material, I wanted it to be very soft, with a nice drape and for a hot weather. She had to make a choice among 5 or 6 kinds of fabric designs. As soon as I saw the fabric of her choice, I had a clear idea of what kind of dress I would make. A long dress, not too large but with quite a large ruche and a halter top, something in boho style.

I used the pattern Lola from the book Modèles chics pour enfants.

When I finished the dress, I felt it needed something... special. As I started to crochet a few months ago, I decided to add some crochet details. I used 3 different shades of violet cotton. How do you find it? A nice dress in boho style, isn´t it?

Happy sewing,



Joy Candrian said…
Sweet, I understand about not blogging for a while. Glad to see you've been creative.

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